The Start of Mello Ranch


My husband, Michael Stuckenberger, and I, Evie Lynn, started Mello Ranch when we moved onto our 55 acre farm. We moved our nursery, Eve’s Garden, and our Rottweilers, Von Evman Rottweilers.

We wanted to green belt our property and not just raise cows. Since we have been breeding Rottweilers for almost 35 years we decided to breed full blooded DNA registered Beefalos.

We wanted fresh all natural meat for us and our Rottweilers so when we researched we found that Beefalos produced some of the best tasting and healthiest meat in the world.

We have some as our children and have named them but the ones they produce we grade and they are the ones we use for meat to eat, sell and feed our to Rottweilers.

This has been a fun addition to the farm and soon we will be registering a Agritourism for all to meet, pet and feed our big 4 legged children while walking through our Bonsai Nursery and Garden.

Mello Ranch

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